Change is coming... and full-time is it's name


I’m currently enjoying a day off due to Independence Day Observed. Why? This week’s post will tell you all about it…

This letter is going to be a surprise for most of you. You KNOW I'm the BIGGEST advocate for one-man companies and mastering freelance. It's interesting how sometimes opportunities come along that you just have to try - need to experience. I'm going through this right now myself. The word full-time has entered my vocabulary and I'd love to tell you more about it.

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PS. I’ll still have occasional spots open for 1hr coaching sessions.

What I’ve read

  • 10 things I wish every design student knew - Just as valuable list for senior designers imo. The first point; The greatest output of your careers will be relationships. When you and I are sitting on a porch in rocking chairs some 50 years from now, I’ll care less about what we produced and much more about how we got there together. Was I a jerk to work with? Did I try my best to understand your viewpoint? Did we bring people along with us in our thinking? Did we mentor others along the way? is exactly why I’ve decided to join Product full-time.

  • More Ally than Agency - I’ve spoken to Anthony on quite a few occasions over the last months. He comes across as a very warm person and I couldn’t be happier for their success.

  • I’m here because I’m as good as you - Great interview with Ursula Burns, the first black female CEO of a Fortune 500.