An update


I haven't written a new post yet, but I wanted to tell you a bit about what's going on in my life. It's always fascinates me that when I share an update like this without an article 5% choose to unsubscribe and 5% reply and tells me how they're doing. Which 5% are you? Honestly, either is fine with me. I want to curate this list to a community and that takes time.

So about a month ago, I moved into a new apartment right in the middle of Malmö. I'm really enjoying living here so far and working from home is starting to feel more natural (yes, I'm still getting dressed every day). I'm still missing some furniture, but just like anything of value, creating a home - and office, I guess - takes time.

You may remember that Ueno was recently bought by Twitter and our project as well as part of the team moved over to a new company. Just like moving to a new apartment, being part of forming a new agency is actually exciting because everything feels like a new possibility. There are no set rules, no history to take into account.

It's a bit ironic that my most popular post from last year was "Why wireframes are becoming obsolete" considering that I've spent the last... like 4 months just designing using wireframes. I guess it's time to revisit that post, huh? Wireframes can be a valuable deliverable. Working on a project with a lot of different scenarios and edge-cases, wireframes become the go-to tool allowing us to purely focus on flows and content. Actually, I do realise that this is exactly why people have always done wireframes. I shouldn't act surprised (here's a secret though... I still think they are obsolete!).

Stay tuned. I'm hoping a couple weeks from now, I'll be able to share an exciting update AND a new post!

That's the quick update from me. How have you've been?


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