Restoring your team's passion


t's tough to find inspiration these days. We are presented with doom on a daily basis and that saps our energy to find inspiration for our work and our lives. What is often overlooked is that these don't just affect your own inspiration, but your teams - especially if you're responsible for managing them. What can we do when they look to us? How can we restore their passion - their inspiration? It all starts with us. Look at this week's post to see how I find my inspiration.


Let's get to know one another

First of, I'm grateful that so many of you already answered my little survey from two weeks ago. If you haven't already, please do! It's nice to see that 1/5 consider themselves a designer but it's sad to see that only 8% are in love. Tell me about yourself!

I've also seen more and more requests of a community. Well, there already is one! Anyone on the list can join our Slack community.

What I've read

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