Just a letter

Good morning or good afternoon or whatever is suitable,

I'm currently working with a team in Los Angeles and San Francisco and that's exactly how we begin our calls every day. "Good morning - oh I guess it's not morning for you, is it?... good afternoon?" To complicate things even more, we have a couple of people in New York too and our calls are naturally somewhere between early morning (PST) and late afternoon (CET).

This week, I decided not to write a post. I've had so much going on in my life for the last few weeks that I've, frankly, had zero inspiration - or willpower - to write anything. I plan on sharing these updates with you soon, but I still have to wrap my head around it all. I know this year has been tough on all of us.

One thing I never wanted for this newsletter though was for it to be a monologue - a place for me to vent. I love when readers email me and ask me questions, or even better, question my thinking. So my ask this week is simple. If you like my writing (or if you don't), please email me back and tell me something. It can be anything. A question. A comment. A poem? Sure. A movie recommendation? Yes, please!

I won't leave you completely in the dry though, so here are a couple of interesting links I've come across lately.

Talk soon, my friend.

What I've read

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"A great meeting has three key elements: the desired outcome of the meeting is clear ahead of time; the various options are clear, ideally ahead of time; and the roles of the participants are clear at the time."

The Observer Effect - Daniel Ek