Knowing when to listen and when to push 💬


As 2020 proves to be quite the year, I'm doing my best to publish evergreen content that's not clickbaity. I hope you're enjoying it and I'm always curious about any questions you might have. Just hit reply.

Doing business as a designer can be especially difficult. You will run into customers who have a very specific vision for their solution and may demand that you stick to it. However, you have spent years crafting your skills around know what works and what doesn't. When do you know when to listen and when to push back? It actually is a balance of the two. Click here for this week's post about this!

SuperHi: How UX Designer Anton Sten Works Remotely

I spoke to Mirna from SuperHi a couple of weeks ago about how I look at remote work and described some of the processes around building On the Line for Toast.
The interview was published this weekend so go on, have a read.

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