UX: What happens when the user wants out?

We all have had services we've signed up for and, after some time, decide that it just isn't for us. What happens next? We struggle to cancel the service. They either make it ridiculously difficult to cancel or simply offer no way of doing it online. Incredibly frustrating. In this week's post, I took a look at a few experiences I've had that tell two very different stories of what the UX of a cancellation process should be.

Pivoted design class!

You might remember that some weeks ago, I launched a trial version of design class. This was an MVP in it's purest form. I had a very rough idea of what it would look like and decided to just throw it out there. I was excited to see people signing up! But I also got some very valid feedback which is why I've decided to pivot the class a bit. It's purely one-on-one's where you can hire me for either one hour or a block of 1x5 hours. We can discuss the same topics as in the class, but because it's personal, I can tailor everything to you. I'm really excited about this! Check out the updated page here and just hit reply if you have any questions.

Slack with me?

Question: Who doesn't love Slack? I know I sure do! Would you consider joining my Slack and the #newsletter channel? My thought is that I could get more direct feedback on my posts and you'd get the opportunity to ask me questions. So let's do a poll, would you be interested in joining my Slack?

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