This week I have a packed newsletter for you so to make sure you're not missing something, let me start by listing the main topics of this update.

  1. I have redesigned (again!) my website and I wanted to explore why it's a recurring theme.

  2. I'm launching a course on selling design and growing as a designer. While the page is live, this is the first time I'm telling anyone about it so consider yourselves the first-to-know. It's still an experiment so I'm keeping the first batch small.

  3. I've updated my website with my newest work case, Toast. And just some weeks ago I added Apotek Hjärtat and Järfälla kommun.

  4. I was interviewed by Jan over at Case Study Club! I love the work that Jan does with Case Study Club so it was great being able to have a chat with him! Read the interview.

Information overload? Sorry! Perhaps start with browsing my new site and let me know what you think?