How Playing Games Helped Me Succeed at Business 🎮


Would you think less of me if you knew I learned a TON about business by playing a video game? Believe it or not, I’m not alone. These games, from strategy to sports, can teach you pieces and parts of what it means to start and maintain a successful business. This interested me so much that I decided to write a new post about it!

How Playing Games Helped Me Succeed at Business

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Links I've enjoyed these past two weeks:

This is Marketing by Seth Godin
I was excited to read about the new book from Seth. I read about the new book on Saturday and I actually spent most of my Sunday listening to it while walking my dog, washing my car and cleaning at home. Highly recommend Seth's writing for everyone.

Reddit's Alexis Ohanian on tech investing and what's next on CNBC
I've always enjoyed the thinking of Alexis. I'm not sure why but he seems like a sympathetic person. He shares some great thinking into the current market turbulence as well as what's next in terms of social media.

The Google Pixel 3 is a very good phone. But maybe phones have gone too far on Buzzfeed
This is the best (and most provocative) review of a phone I've read in a long time.