Let's form a secret club 😎

Wow! I’m amazed and humbled by the response from my last newsletter. I guess I should quit blogging more often! I have received so many sweet responses from the latest newsletter that I’m completely overwhelmed. I got so stuck looking at metrics like open rates and clicks that I kind of forgot even one click is an actual human being. I won’t make that mistake again.

“I loved reading this post - it's really thoughtful and honest.”

“Your writing has bolstered me, inspired me, and taken my thinking in new directions. I have shared it with others and it has given us creative fodder in transforming ways. Thank you.”

“I most enjoy when you share behind the scenes work. Working with IKEA seems like an awesome opportunity and would love to know the ins and outs of how you do that - from the actual work to communication to navigating politics. Most UX publications are NOT talking about that. “

So I’ve decided the newsletter is going to change. I think I’ll keep it separate from my blog and this will be our secret club. While this means the updates maybe sparser I’m committing to letting you know what’s happening every two weeks. Sound good?

I’ve been extremely busy lately and, on top of that, I’ve been struggling with the flu. I haven’t had time nor motivation to write something thoughtful, but I did manage to write down another work case! It’s for the Swedish Nationalencyklopedin (like Wikipedia but in books!). I worked with them to update their visual identity and produced a design system based on it.
Read more about that here: https://www.antonsten.com/case/ne/.
Here’s what the President of Nationalencyklopedin and Brockhaus(theirGerman counterpart) had to say:

I am enthused and impressed by how Anton chooses simplicity over complexity and keeps the design interesting, appealing and accessible. Furthermore, he is a humble and unassuming person that is a pleasure to work with.