Is voice input changing us? 💬

Is voice input changing us?

Voice input has been at the center of a lot of conversations lately. We’re either talking about the devices, the controversy surrounding them, or just plain talking TO them. We welcome the technology into our homes without too much of a thought and share it with friends and family. The really interesting part is that we are not only using voice input in new and innovative ways, but it seems to be changing the world and us with it in unexpected ways - and they're not always good.

Voice Input’s Effect on Social Norms

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What I'm reading this week:

Look After Yourself
by Do Lectures
1. Celebrate small things
2. Celebrate big things
3. Don't compare
4. Make time for exercise
5. Eat well
6. Look for the good
7. Stop being so hard on yourself
8. Have some rest. And don't feel guilty about it
9. Give yourself a pat on the back
10. Bed early

Real Work vs Imaginary Work
by Ryan Singer
"The problem is the uphill work was imaginary. Thinking about how you’re going to do something is not the same as rolling up your sleeves and trying."

The born salesperson
by Seth Godin
"There’s no such thing as a born salesperson.

What there are… are people with empathy and learned charisma who choose to work hard."

This week's favorite:

“Ants are efficient because they know when to take a break. The insects exit a worksite when it gets too crowded, leaving 30% of the colony to do 70% of the work.”

The Secret to Ant Efficiency Is Idleness

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