How to succeed at freelancing (or most things really)

How to succeed at freelancing

Have you ever been to presentation that changed your way of looking at things? Recently, I had the opportunity to give one at a local co-working space and was blown away by how sharing my knowledge and experience could help those listening. As a freelancer, it is amazing to give information that can help someone become even more successful at what they do.

I got so much meaning from this experience that I want to share it with you too. Even if you don’t freelance, this can apply to anyone who wants to find meaning in their work. Or is that work to find meaning? Either way, here it is!

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“Feeling happy and experiencing positive thoughts is important for our wellbeing. Where this goes wrong is when we start to see positive thinking and happy feelings as a sign of success, or as necessary to a worthwhile life. This type of thinking is, of course, constantly reinforced through advertising, television, or social media where we are constantly confronted with a sea of happy, healthy, positive looking people. The reality, for pretty much all of us, is very different. We are all plagued with thoughts of self-doubt, feelings of sadness, or experiences of pain and failure, yet this other side to our day-to-day experiences is rarely promoted.”

Why We Need Pain To Experience Happiness

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