Let's make 💰 together!

Let's make 💰 together!

Hi there!

Can you believe it’s already been a year since I launched Mastering Freelance (and over two years since User Experiences that Matter launched)?

It seems like time is just flying! Since you bought my book, I thought I’d share a few exciting pieces of news with you.

  • I’ve lowered the prices of my books and ALL packages. Now you’ll get the same value as before for even less. Has there ever been a better time to buy a book than now?

  • I know what you thinking.. “Wait douchebag, I already bought that book and now you’re telling me it’s on sale?” Here’s the deal, I want to give my you the opportunity to join my affiliate program and make some money with me!

    It's simple:

  1. Go to your Gumroad account (or create one) at https://gumroad.com/#login.

  2. Reply to this email and I’ll hook you up with custom URL’s for you to give out to anyone who would appreciate this book.

  3. I will share 50% of all sales with you on purchases made from those URL’s! (excluding consulting sessions)

I want to pay you back for your investment in me and this book! So, are you ready to earn some cash? Get started or find out more here.

Looking forward to this my friend!

This is me!

Hi, I'm Anton, the human behind this newsletter. I help create user focused experiences resulting in happier, better-served customers and higher sales. I'm proud of that. I've also written two books.

I run my business with my 🐶 in 🇸🇪.

Twitter: @antonsten
Website: antonsten.com