The Future of Retail 💳

The Future of Retail

This week I wanted to take a deeper look at what the future of retail. I don’t know about you, but seeing all these empty retail spaces bothers me. Over the past decade, growing online sales seem to have made physical retail obsolete. Or is it? Amazon and Apple are helping to evolve physical retail locations and it may be coming to your community soon!

What I'm reading this week:

This week's favorite:

Pop quiz: How many date pickers is too many?
Three? Maybe four?
Well, we had eight.

Here are some of the other things we found in our attic:

  • 100+ shades of the color gray

  • 40+ text styles in 3 different fonts

  • 16 different styles of modals

  • 6 different primary buttons (which means we really had no primary button)

How building a design system empowers your team to focus on people — not pixels.

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