Do user experiences need to be enjoyable to be effective?

Enjoyable UX vs. Usable UX


Do you have an app or a website that you use that is on the line of being ugly, but you use it because it works? I do and that has made me think about how beautiful solutions really need to be successful with the audience.

For me, Dropbox is an amazing solution that just does it’s job and gets out of my way. It’s frictionless and that’s what I like about it. Having an enjoyable experience can make a solution shine too OR can it can cause it to be more confusing.

This has inspired me to relaunch my book, User Experiences that Matter and write a new post questioning how we look at user experiences and how effective they truly are.

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"When I moved to a farm, do you know how many people I heard from telling me they’ve always wanted to do that? Let me tell you, it wasn’t a tough vetting process. It’s not like getting into Harvard. If you think you want to do it, do it."

40 Ways To Live A Full Life

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