Apple is bad at design? How can we even judge?

I’m sick of all the “Apple is really bad at design” posts

I have to admit, as a UX Lead, all the talk about how Apple has screwed up their products (iPhone X mostly) is making me grumpy. While I get that there are design choices they made that are controversial, we don’t have the full story. The majority of us haven’t even touched the product yet!

This week’s post was written so you can see, from my perspective, why it’s too soon to judge.

What I'm reading this week:

This week's favorite:

“Knowing that what happens next probably won’t be as good as the last thing. It’s a numbers game, and not everything is a winner. The only way to actually win (and win for a second) is to keep trying. So I write more articles. I launch more products. I come up with new weird ideas and roll with them. Because even if that next thing doesn’t work out, the next one after that might. Or the one after that. Or the one a year from now..”

What if your best work is behind you?

Anything else?

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