UX-writer: A New Term, A Big Need

It’s no surprise to anyone when I say I enjoy writing. I’ve been sending these newsletters (this is the 70:th!) to you for a while and writing blog posts for even longer. I’ve also noticed how important it is to my everyday work. User experiences are defined by their ability to connect with the user and having the right words with it can make - or break - the design.

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“The first thing we always tell founders is to launch their product right away; for the simple reason that this is the only way to fully understand customers’ problems and whether the product meets their needs. Surprisingly, launching a mediocre product as soon as possible, and then talking to customers and iterating, is much better than waiting to build the “perfect” product. This is true as long as the product contains a “quantum of utility” for customers whose value overwhelms problems any warts might present.”

YC's Essential Startup Advice

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