All work makes Anton a dull boy 🙇

All work and no play
makes Anton a dull boy

Well, not really dull, but while you’re reading this I'm spending a couple of days collecting my thoughts and strength in the south of France 🇫🇷

It seems that whenever I plan a vacation, work piles up just before I’m about to leave. I can’t count the numbers of trips I’ve canceled due to work. This time though, I decided to take a few days to focus on structure and planning ahead.

To be honest, my work is much like building a website. Without structure and planning, the result might be OK, but it can never be outstanding. Taking a couple of days of uninterrupted work to schedule, plan, and set out the long term goals can get you a much better (and smoother) experience. The journey will be more pleasant and you’ll reach your destination without losing your head. The problem with my work is that it seems like there’s never time to schedule things. To look ahead. To strategize. Strategy… Isn’t that just a fancy word for boring Powerpoints?

I’m blessed to have a ton of interesting and demanding work lined up for the coming months and in order to perform at the very top, I’m taking a few days to collect my thoughts. I even plan on occasionally switching EVERYTHING off.

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What I'm reading this week:

Because there's no blog post this week, you might be interested in an older article that I wrote for WebdesignerDepot some years ago (it's still as relevant):
Understanding the Value of UX

This week's favorite:

"There’s a quote by some off brain military person like, “The standards you walk past is the standard you tolerate.” I think that’s why it has to be consistent. Not opportunistically say, “oh we have to do a really good job here, but this thing over here can be shit.” I really felt that, again, it’s forced a greater discipline and basic leadership hygiene on me to know that I don’t actually get to pick and choose. You’re doing the job all the time, not just the times you show up and you’re excited. You’re doing your job all the time. "

The Heartbeat Interview ❤️ with Des Traynor, Co-Founder of Intercom (with transcript)

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