Be the butcher not the supermarket


As most of you know, I am a one-man company and wouldn’t change that for anything. Unfortunately, many business owners judge their success on how their company “grows” in size, but that can come at a cost. They can lose focus on how the client values what they do. As a real world example, a supermarket may be able sell you meat, but a butcher shop can give you the exact cut you want - it’s the value the butcher provides and why you keep coming back. I know that I can provide my clients with exactly what they want and they value that. I choose to stay small. I choose to be the butcher. Do you?

Read this week’s article to learn more about how you can understand your clients, how they value you, and how that can lead to success:

In the article from two weeks ago, I asked you to find the UX failure on my car’s digital display. Congrats to Joel who was the first to respond with the correct answer! For all those who may have missed it, here’s the answer:

If you look at the display, you’ll notice that as I increase the temperature, an indicator pops up with . If I increase the volume of on the radio, no indicator pops up at all telling the user that the volume changed. Oops!

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